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Graphic Design

Turn your branding and marketing ideas into a reality.

It started back in 2000 at my tech school where I was introduced to Corel Draw, Photoshop 5.5, Illustrator 5.0, Adobe Premier, and 3D Max Studio. We used cameras with the 3.5 inch floppy disc that took a few seconds for the taken photo to be copied onto the floppy disc in the camera. I could only fit like five low resolution photos in it. Amazing how far technology and design software have advanced!

Today I’m helping local businesses turn their branding and marketing ideas into a reality. Some of the graphic design services I offer are in creating advertising and promotional materials for different mediums like Ads, Products, Leaflets, Business Cards, Logos and Posters.


Some of the many graphic design work that I’ve done over the past years.

LOGO DESIGN - for fitness instructor Aislinn Fitness
PRODUCT DESIGN - Shaving Gift Set Box
GRAPHIC DESIGN - Luke OBrien's Shoes poster
PRODUCT DESIGN - Hairstyling Product Labels
LOGO DESIGN - For Galway Pizza company Pizza Point
GRAPHIC DESIGN - Gift Voucher Cards
LOGO DESIGN - for company Connacht Plumbing
PRODUCT DESIGN - for Hairstyling products
LOGO DESIGN - for TL Cleaning Services in Galway


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